June 1st -Mae and John’s

Beautiful night of food and fellowship at John and Mae‘s limoncello night in Mesa …

Lemon pound cake!
Melanie’s homemade limoncello!
Looking lemony fantastic
Which picture should we use?

The early birds are getting the cheese…
The lemon sisters


Chocolate lemon candy
Beer butt chicken…
Smoked pork butt… almost ready…

And here we are at the end of the night like a bunch of old people




Limoncello Night April 2019 – Surprise Guests?!

The recipient of the Limoncello award for the night!
Yes we have chocolate… even lemon chocolate!
Hi Friend
Let me share my wisdom….
Send help!!! Please! I am hearing things I never heard before….
Beautiful Arizona noche
The best!
Is this thing on?
If you says ONE MORE thing about my salad…
Dave… uh… could you cut adult sized pieces?